SAP Mobile Platform is designed specifically for developing enterprise solutions. SAP-based solutions integrate easily with ERP, CRM, EDMS and other enterprise information management systems.

SAP Mobile Platform is based on Sybase Unwired Platform and Afaria technologies. In complex they give unique tools to build mobile projects in any business department, such as management, customer service, budgeting, sales, marketing, HR, etc. SAP Mobile Platform provides both consistent and adaptive methods to meet the ever-changing business needs, including those of scaling. Afaria, the platform’s built-in MDM component, is designed to centrally manage and secure your corporate mobile infrastructure.

Mobile Dimension has the essential skills and experience in developing applications based on SAP Mobile Platform. We are one of 5 leading companies in Russia and CIS holding SAP Solution Validated Expertise Partner status and are therefore a recommended partner offering SAP Mobility services.

Why Use SAP Mobile Platform

  • Ensure rapid and secure data exchange between standard server systems and multiple mobile devices
  • Build enterprise-level applications using a single platform for development and integration
  • Provide your employees with corporate data access from both company-owned and personal mobile devices
  • Securely protect your data with integrated encryption technologies and efficient app and mobile infrastructure security mechanisms
  • Integrate your mobile component into various enterprise information management systems, such as ERP, CRM, EDMS, and others

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Why work with us?

  • Get guaranteed results

    Get guaranteed results Mobile Dimension is a Certified SAP Solution Validated Expertise Partner. Our expertise is proven by successful cooperation with the largest Russian and international companies – Lukoil, Rosatom, The Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, X5 Retail Group, EFES, and many others.

  • Get end-to-end solutions

    Get end-to-end solutions We develop full-cycle, end-to-end mobile solutions, starting from technical brief and design to promotion and support.

  • Gain profit

    Gain profit We put all our experience, skills and competences behind profit-generating mobile solutions. Budgets, workflow and goals of our mobile solutions are clear and transparent on each development stage.

  • Integrate disruptive technologies

    Integrate disruptive technologies We use cutting-edge technologies provided by leading vendors – SAP, Samsung, Huawei, and others – and constantly enhance our professional level.

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