26 April 2021

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker has become an information partner of the charity event #NeedToTalk about perinatal losses

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker, an international mobile service for pregnant women and their families, has conducted an online study on the issue of perinatal loss. The survey was carried out as part of the informational charity campaign #NeedToTalk from March to April 2021, initiated by the “Dobro Mail.ru” service.

According to the majority of survey participants, the number of women who face perinatal loss in Russia does not exceed 5-7%. However, the study showed that the scale of the problem may be greater: the number of respondents who personally know people with experience of perinatal loss was 13%, but only 7% of women who personally experienced perinatal loss turned to specialized medical and charitable institutions. Also, a great number (40%) of the survey participants heard about the problem of perinatal losses for the first time during the survey. The full AMMA Pregnancy Tracker study on perinatal loss in Russia is presented here.

“Losing a child at any time is very painful, and also filled with shame. The woman thinks that something is wrong with her. And due to the fact that it’s generally not talked about, it appears she’s the only one with this problem. Lack of knowledge is the biggest source of fear and speculation. With this research, we’ll launch a series of articles and outline a method to support all families, regardless of the outcome of pregnancy,” commented Olga Zamyatina, editor-in-chief of the AMMA Pregnancy Tracker service.

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker is an international mobile service and one of the world's largest communities for pregnant women and their families. AMMA Pregnancy Tracker provides clear, evidence-based pregnancy information and personalized advice from obstetricians and gynecologists. The active monthly audience of AMMA Pregnancy Tracker exceeds 1.5 million people. Since its creation, the service's mobile application has been downloaded by more than 15 million users. Our service tops the ratings of popular applications in the “Health” segment in dozens of countries around the world.

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