12 March 2021

Development Director of Mobile Dimension Ekaterina Eliseeva presented at the international online conference for technology companies Digital Week Online 2021, which took place on March 8-12. The event, as in 2020, was held in an online format.

Development Director of Mobile Dimension, Ekaterina Eliseeva, Participated In Digital Week Online 2021

In the panel discussion, Ekaterina spoke about the changes and prospects of the femtech market today, based on her experience with the international service app for pregnant women, AMMA Pregnancy Tracker, which is part of the Mobile Dimension’s portfolio. She noted that during the pandemic, the demand for digital health-related services, including those intended for a female audience, increased.

Modern women strive to take care of themselves, the demand for services in physical and mental healthcare is growing; the demand for online services specialized for women is high. For the femtech industry, of course, this means growth. According to a study by Emergen Research, the global femtech market will grow by an average of 15 percent per year in the coming years, and by 2027 will reach $60 billion, more than threefold growth in less than a decade.

The situation on the Russian market for femtech companies is somewhat different from the global one. In Russia, there have not been specific specialized support funds for femtech startups, so the owners of femtech businesses have had to communicate with funds that have this area in their focus and reach out to foreign partners. However, recently, interest in femtech has begun to grow in Russian Federation and the CIS countries: funds have started showing interest in femtech and have introduced it into their focus areas. Even the AMMA Pregnancy Tracker pre-money valuation, only from 2019 to 2020, has already quadrupled.

In addition, podcasts, YouTube channels, articles, courses and blogs on women's topics are gaining popularity now, and the trend towards conscious motherhood is only growing in relevance.

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