26 May 2017

M.Video and Mobile Dimension Mobilize Retail Assistants Using Microsoft’s UWP Technology

M.Video, the largest Russian retailer of electronics and household appliances, will equip more than 5,000 retail assistants in 200 stores across Russia with Windows 10 tablets and smartphones by the end of the year. The innovative partnership with Microsoft will enable better mobile sales and customer service. Thus, M.Video is deploying the largest project for the staff transition to mobile devices in Russia.

A pilot project covering 30 stores proved the effectiveness of mobile technologies - on average, sales increased by 5%, at some points the difference reached double-digit rates, the number of regular customers grew by 30%. The project was implemented by the Mobile Dimension and M.Video technical teams.

Within the Real Time Dealing (RTD or "Transaction here and now") project, M.Video retail assistants get Windows 10 mobile devices with unique software. They can identify the customers at the shelf, help them to make a choice, visually compare several models, clarify if the product is in stock, find the desired color or design, pick up accessories and services, compare the prices with competitors in real time, and make the most valuable offer according to all special offers and customer bonus points.

The app on mobile devices is fully integrated with M.Video IT system, so a tablet or a smartphone replaces the traditional stationary terminals on the floor.

Mobile Dimension was responsible for the project’s technical implementation. A project team included 11 Java back-end developers, testers, mobile UWP developers, and UX / UI-designers. To ensure the effectiveness, the Agile-Scrum methodology was used. The Mobile Dimension team worked together with M.Video specialists which enabled high-speed communication and the ability to respond promptly to incoming feedback from users of the system in work.

The pilot Real Time Dealing project took place in 2016 in 30 M.Video stores in Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. In 2017, the "mobile" service was introduced to 21 new stores. By the end of the year, M.Video plans to equip retail assistants with tablets and smartphones in 200 key stores across Russia. In total, the retailer plans to use 3,000 Windows 10 mobile devices within the project.

RTD deployment will cost around 170 million roubles, accounting for the purchase of equipment, software development, and staff training. The company plans to return the investment within the first year after implementation.

"Despite the progress of online sales, more than 90% of purchases of home appliances and electronics are completed in stores - customers come to talk to an assistant in person and look at the real products. Retail assistants at M.Video stores can now offer the same technologies and personalization levels as the ones that customers are already getting online, - says Steve Lewis, M.Video retail sales director. - It is important that with a mobile application we not only help customers with a choice, but also make the most valuable offer, clearly demonstrating all the terms of the purchase. As a result, the “pilot” stores with mobile assistants showed higher sales compared to regular stores, with an average sales growth of up to 5%, while at some points the difference reached double-digit rates. Due to integration with the "M.Video - Bonus" loyalty program, the consultations became personalized. That makes 30% more shoppers to enter the loyalty program.”

In addition to the full integration of mobile solutions with existing IT systems, Windows 10 tablets and smartphones provide personal data protection for customers and secure IT infrastructure for the company. Moreover, devices are energy efficient: the battery is enough for the assistant’s working day.

"A project of this scale is the first to be implemented in Russia. Choosing Windows 10 as a universal platform for all devices enabled M.Video to easily integrate tablets into the existing infrastructure, and to synchronize them seamlessly with corporate PCs. Advanced security tools provided in Windows 10 are an important factor. A regularly updated operating system allows to work in a secure environment, ensuring the safety of data, on the one hand, and the timely protection from external threats, on the other," says Svetlana Anisimova, the director of the large corporate clients department, Microsoft Russia.

Retail assistants serve customers using Windows 10 tablets and smartphones, and a custom application fully integrated with the retailer’s existing systems and platforms. It enables assistants to identify customers, see their purchase history as well as available bonuses and discounts, check the product availability in real time, and to know the delivery time. The application considers the current special offers, enables online price comparison with competitors and offers customers the most valuable purchase with the "Best Price Guarantee" program.

If the client wishes to think through the purchase, all the selected products are sent to him via e-mail. This functionality has no analogues in the Russian market. The client receives a personal letter with the selected electronics, the links to the product listings online and the personal signature of the assistant. Apart from the client, the call center staff and store assistants also have an access to this omni-basket which significantly simplifies the order. According to the pilot project results, 20% of customers who received this basket return for purchase, and up to 60% come to the same store and to the same assistant.

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