17 March 2015

Mobile Dimension Presents the “Mobile Registry” Solution for Private Clinics on MATE m-Health 2015 Congress

Evgeny Zhykharev, Mobile Dimension CEO, presented the “Mobile Registry” Solution for Private Clinics on MATE m-Health 2015 Congress. The event took place in Moscow on March 13th and covered the mobile technologies in healthcare. “Mobile Registry” developers showcased its advantages for private clinics and shared his vision of key IT and mobile trends in healthcare. The solution was developed per request of Parus Invest LLC, a branch of the A5 Group.

Private medicine needs all industry players – private clinics, medical equipment suppliers, insurance companies, enterprises and patients – to integrate their business processes into a single information environment. This approach allows the enterprises to optimize the management processes, efficiency monitoring and workload, business scalability and document management as well as to improve the speed and quality of patient service. Integrating mobile solutions helps to increase the process efficiency of the traditional medical information systems.

Patients can also enjoy the advantages of “Mobile Registry” at participating clinics. They get the up to date appointment schedule, detailed information about the doctors and their working hours, transferring prescriptions via a mobile phone, email or SMS-notification. Those options help to improve the service quality and patient satisfaction during interaction with clinical specialists and other staff.

“While creating ‘Mobile Registry’, we used our experience and considered the needs of millions of users from our medical websites,” says Ekaterina Izmaylova, Head of Internet Projects, Parus Invest LLC. “We want not only to provide a quality service on our internet resources, but also to provide users with a new product to effectively fulfil their needs in the best qualified doctors and essential information on the medical services. The solution provides the clinics with additional channels for new patient acquisition, patient loyalty retention as well as a direct communication channel for patients and clinics and comfortable appointment scheduling. Mobility is a key factor of new technologies which support the traditional medical information systems. We witness a high interest to mobile solutions in private medicine proven by a high demand from the clients”.

“Private clinics have a special need to provide their patients with the best service, including both the professional competency of doctors and the quality of patient service. The latter is directly related to the level of technology adoption. Mobile solutions can significantly support and improve the functionality of traditional medical information systems”, says Evgeny Zhykharev, Mobile Dimension CEO.

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